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250 gelcaps
A Brief Testimonial
Just a note to say thank you! I’ve been battling candida and adrenal problems for years, and have tried all the other yeast programs . Your protocol worked so quickly, and it’s convenient. I’ve taken many adrenal supplements and Iso-Cort is the first one that I could actually feel working. I had an incredible boost in energy after taking it only a couple of days. I haven’t felt this healthy in 15 years! What a pleasure life is when you feel good. Thanks again.
Kathy C. Los Angeles, CA
UNDECYLENIC ACID / old name SF722 is a safe and effective supplement for the normalization of the microbial ecology of the intestines in mild to moderate cases of candida infection. We find it particularly useful because of its gentle action which in most cases does not provoke strong yeast die-off reactions. The active principle in this product, 10 Undcylenic aka Undecenoic acid, derived from castor bean oil is non-toxic and markedly more potent as a yeast fighter than caprylic acid and many of the other commonly available plant derived anti-candida agents.
For best results in the clearance of Candida related symptoms, please read
We strongly recommend the additional use of the linked products for assisting
the body in its struggle with this very serious and stubborn condition.
Signs and Symptoms
Candidiasis is an extremely common and serious health threat these days and unfortunately, many individuals have no idea that this is the cause of their health problems. It is characterized by a host of signs and symptoms such as: fatigue, diminished libido, chronic sinus congestion or infection, abdominal distention, gas, joint and or muscle pain, thick tongue fur, lack of mental clarity, fatigue, inability to concentrate, loss of memory and diminished reading comprehension, strong cravings for sweets and starches, lowered immunity, skin rashes and itches, thrush, itching of the auditory canal and scalp, vaginal yeast infections (recurrent in most cases), anal itching, jock itch, athelete’s foot, fungal infections anywhere on the skin as well as recurrent itching without signs of rash.
The primary cause of this condition is a severe disruption in the normal microbial ecology of the digestive tract known as intestinal dysbiosis which may be brought about by several factors, either individually or in combination, the most common being: The overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics as well as antibiotics from food sources (beef and chicken), overconsumption of sugars and refined grain products, underconsumption of protein rich foods and foods containing live active cultures of lactic acid bacteria (such as high quality plain yogurt).
Any immune compromising influences such as chronic viral infection or radiation exposure, intestinal parasites (more common than most people realize), dental amalgam (mercury containing) fillings, long term steroid therapy, exposure to toxic chemicals and chemo-therapy are likely to make the body more susceptible. The condition may also be sexually transmitted and contracted by persons with diminished immune capacity.
Article by David B. Schlesinger, L.Ac. Factors Influencing Yeast Overgrowth
TO ENHANCE THIS PRODUCT’S HEALING POTENTIAL: It is essential to make dietary changes that will starve the yeast organisms in the gut. Since the large numbers of friendly and unfriendly micro-organism that reside in our intestines compete for space, it behooves us to feed the friendly and starve the harmful micro-organisms. This is accomplished by avoiding all sugar containing foods (this includes fruit and fruit juices, honey, corn sweeteners, etc.) all refined carbohydrates (white flour products such as most breads, bagels and pastas), avoiding most fermented and yeast containing foods (best to avoid bread all together), and focusing on eating non starchy vegetables, animal protein such as fish and organically raised beef, chicken and lamb and only small amounts of brown rice as a source of starch. Be sure to consume as much raw garlic (preferably with purple skin) organically grown parsley and uncooked high quality olive oil as you can tolerate.
We strongly recommend the use of the following supplements along with UNDECYLENIC ACID to optimize the body’s capacity to neutralize toxins produced by candida organisms as well as maximizing your immune system’s potential for combating candida. Molybdenum, Pantethine, Wow Drops and Complete Thymic Formula. If fatigue is a major concern, also consider Iso Cort. In chronic and recurrent conditions be sure to get tested for intestinal parasites by your health care professional. An effective, broad-spectrum herbal antiparasitic that also exhibits strong antifungal action is Tricycline.
Companion Diet For Our Candida Clearance Rotation Protocol
Use of Friendly Bacteria
We strongly advise the use of a high grade and resiliant strain of lactobacillus supplement such as Bacillus Coagulans which unlike other strains of lactic acid bacteria is resistant to stomach acid and does not require refrigeration. Should you choose a supplement containing different strains such as acidophilus of bifidus, be sure to take it on an empty stomach and at least one hour before eating to ensure its viability while passing through the stomach.
Dental influences on candida overgrowth
INGREDIENTS: Each gelcap contains 10-Undecenoic Acid: 50 mg. (derived from castor bean oil), extra virgin olive oil, gelatin, glycerin and water.
SUGGESTED USE: For support in balancing the microbial environment of the intestines in mild to moderate cases of candida infection.
If you are suffering of a serious, long standing condition, click here for more details.
DIRECTIONS: Begin by taking 1 gelcap, 2 times daily either with or between meals. After 4 to 5 days, increase to 1 gelcap 3 times daily, providing that you are not feeling worse than when you started. This may happen due to a yeast die-off reaction which can potentially flood the system with poisons produced by the dying micro-organisms. This condition may cause headache, body pains and general flu-like symptoms. With the use of FORMULA SF722 the chances of this occurring are not great, provided the diet and dosing directions are carefully followed. In the event that a die-off reaction does occur, reduce the intake of FORMULA SF722 and wait a few days, don’t give up. Once the die-off symptoms have cleared, resume the gradual increase in dosage, but much more slowly than what is recommended in the directions below. The best indicator of how slowly the dosage should be increased is your reaction. The use of the other supportive remedies listed above, along with the FORMULA SF722 will further reduce the chances of a die-off reaction. After having taken 1 gelcap, 3 times daily for 1 week, increase the dose to 2 gelcaps, 3 times daily. If all is going well and you are feeling better, increase the dose on the following week to 3 gelcaps, 3 times daily and proceed in this manner until you have reached 5 gelcaps, 3 times daily. This dose must be maintained for at least 6 weeks to obtain lasting results. Then, depending on how you’ve responded, we suggest that you experiment with cutting down or going without.
TOPICAL APPLICATION: The gelcaps may be punctured and the oil applied topically to fungal or yeast infection on the skin. Apply a light coat 2 times daily. Be sure to avoid the face altogether. Test a very small area for sensitivity. In case of any skin irritation, discontinue topical use immediately.
WARNINGS: Persons with serious, chronic conditions will not find UNDECYLENIC ACID / old name SF722 of sufficient effectiveness when used alone.
We offer a comprehensive Candida Clearance Protocol for persons with chronic systemic Candidiasis
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Yeast die-off reactions may occur in some cases, please read the above information carefully. Wow Drops are effective in reducing the severity of “die-off” reactions. We recommend 3-4 drops with a glass of warm water every 45 minutes.
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