PEKANA Basic Detox & Drainage Kit (small)


For drainage and elimination of toxins in liver / gallbladder, lymphatic system and kidneys
Small size, provides three 50 ml bottles
10 – 20 day supply depending upon desired potency


Pekana Basic Detox and Drainage Kit / Pekana Big Three

apo-HEPAT for detoxification of the liver and gallbladder

ITIRES for drainage of toxins accumulated in the lymphatics and

RENELIX for the discharge of stored material toxins and  accumulated, electro-magnetic interference disturbance fields that undermine healthy kidney and bladder function.

The combined utilization of these three remedies provides the therapeutic foundation for tissue and cellular de-contamination. Providing transformation, mobilization and elimination of many of today’s most common environmental and endogenous (internally-produced) poisons, allowing the entire system to return to a higher level of functionality and good health.

Chronic conditions of illness improve and many can be at least partially reversed by supporting and optimizing the normal self-cleaning and self regulating functions of the three most important organs designed by nature to keep the system free of toxic accumulations.

Selected ingredients prepared by strict spagyric and homeopathic processing methods.
Produced in Kisslegg, Germany by PEKANA GmbH

Recommended usage: 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of each remedy mixed with pure water in glass (not plastic or metal), taken twice or three times daily between meals or at least 20 minutes prior to eating.
Keep away from electrical or electronic devices including mobile phones and computers.

  • For best results use for a minimum of eight weeks
  • Ongoing usage may support health maintenance
  • Alcohol content by volume 28% – 38%  Not recommended for individuals sensitive to alcohol
“Based upon my clinical experience of Pekana detox and drainage remedies since the early 1990´s, the response from patients from many parts of the world as well as fellow practitioners in the U.S., Pekana detox and drainage remedies have been, and remain, the deepest acting and most easily tolerated medicaments available today in the field of biological detoxification and terrain regulation.”

David Schlesinger, L.Ac.


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