Heavy Metal Toxicity

Dental issues such as mercury amalgam fillings and root canalled teeth

Cilantro as a chelator of mercury
Heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, platinum, arsenic and lead in our environment collect in our cells and when present in elevated concentrations, suppress our cell’s normal ability to utilize oxygen. Most heavy metals are also toxic to our brain and nervous system and can cause cognitive impairment and nerve damage as well as damage to specific organs such as the kidneys. Reduction of cellular respiration often triggers increased yeast proliferation to compensate for this reduction in energy production. Yeast overgrowth in bodies challenged by high toxic metal levels, can be understood as the body’s desperate attempt to protect itself against the ravaging effects of heavy metal poisoning. In such cases, the heavy metal load on the system must be reduced to free the system of long-term yeast overgrowth. Individuals with high levels of heavy metals are likely to suffer if attempting to clear yeast / fungal overgrowth, before first addressing their elevated heavy metal levels effectively. When yeast is attacked in such cases, the underlying heavy metal toxicity may cause symptoms of considerable unwellness. Such symptoms and signs are most often misinterpreted as yeast die-off reactions.

To ascertain the heavy metal load on one’s system, we recommend using a DMSA provoked toxic metals test. Testing is quite affordable and is offered by some progressive MD’s and alternative health professionals. If you don’t have a health practitioner who can order this test click here. Testing requires the administration of a single dose provoking substance (DMSA), after which the urine is collected for a twenty-four hour period. The collected sample is then sent to a lab and analyzed for heavy metal content and results are emailed to the patient. Compared to a provoked urine test, we do not find hair testing for heavy metals to be sufficiently informative.

Once an evaluation of heavy metal levels has been made, several options are available for the reduction / elimination of these toxins:

  • Removal of oral sources of metal toxicity by a qualified “Biological” dentist
  • Oral DMSA chelation, an effective yet gentle protocol Telephone consultation to discuss this method
  • Oral EDTA chelation (not very effective since only about 10% EDTA is assimilated when taken orally)
  • Intravenous chelation, effective, expensive and requires numerous office visits (may be hard on kidneys of sensitive individuals)
  • Nutritional supplements such as Vitamin C, Garlic, Cilantro, Zinc, Selenium, Chlorella (cracked or broken cellwall)

If you’d like to order the toxic metals urine test, please click here.

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