Dental Influences On Candida Overgrowth

Candida patients who have not had satisfactory results with previous candida protocols should seriously consider the careful removal of mercury containing dental fillings that are galvanically active. Mercury mechanically liberated by erosion (chewing) as well as leaking or vaporizing into the system due to chemical reactions taking place in the mouth, has been found to be a major factor in the body’s battle with yeast organisms. Filling restorations should be performed by a qualified practitioner of Biological Dentistry trained in the assessment of the electrical properties of potentially troublesome fillings. Practitioners of General Dentistry have not been trained in the use of the correct precautionary measures needed to ensure their mercury sensitive patient’s well-being during and after such procedures. Old root canaled teeth may also pose problems that may predispose an individual to greater risk of developing various chronic degenerative ailments. It is advisable to investigate the possible need for their extraction, due to their potential for causing long term, low level infection that can substantially overburden the immune system.

For referral to a biological dentist in your area contact:

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology:

P.O. Box 608531
Orlando, FL 32860-8531
Telephone: 407-298-2450

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