Candida Clearance Rotation Protocol


Due to the overwhelming number of requests for effective candida clearance strategies that we receive, we have made our fourteen week Candida and Parasite Clearance Rotation Protocol available to our online clientele.

We recognize the need for an affordable, safe, effective, plant based anti-candida program that can be self-administered and provides long term benefit.

Single remedy treatment may be effective in uncomplicated, mild to moderate cases of intestinal candidiasis, but is simply not effective enough to successfully clear chronic, systemic conditions, which are in many instances complicated by the presence of other parasitic organisms.

David B. Schlesinger, L.Ac.
California State Licensed Acupuncturist / Medical Herbalist / Nutritionist
Specialist in treatment of candidiasis and candida related illness over thirty years of clinical experience and on the Internet since 1998

Systemic candida yeast overgrowth is at the root of many of the most common health concerns usually presenting as one or several of these typical symptoms: fatigue, loss of willpower, abdominal distension, fluid retention, gas and bloating, chronic headache, skin rashes, itching, brain fog / cognitive impairment, nail and skin fungal infections, vaginal yeast, impaired sex drive, sinus infection, oral thrush, loss of muscle strength, muscle and joint aching and pain, uncontrolable food cravings (especially for sweets and starches), constipation and / or loose stool, irritable bowel, leaky gut syndrome, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, anal itching, lowered immune response leading to frequent infectious illness, disturbed sleep, etc.. When these chronic conditions are left untreated or are only supressed using symptomatic measures, the general health of the body will be sufficiently undermined, allowing chronic degenerative illness to develop.

Comprehensive Treatment for Chronic Systemic Candidiasis

For individuals dealing with chronic cases of systemic Candida overgrowth (and other parasites) we offer a comprehensive fourteen week proprietary protocol consisting of seven remedies, dietary recommendations and directions for liver and gall-bladder cleansing.

The four primary remedies of this program are exceptionally effective botanical, antifungal and antiparasitic preparations, taken on a rotational basis (one remedy for four days followed by the next remedy for four days and so on).

The four support remedies complementing the primary remedies, are taken on a daily basis for the support of digestive and immune functions and to aid in the elimination of mycotoxins (poisons produced by the yeast and fungal organisms).

Rotational Approach
The reason that clearing such organisms from the system can be so difficult, is the inherent ability of most parasitic organisms (including Candida albicans) to adapt to exposure to almost any potential poison that they come in contact with, by means of a mutation process.

The utilization of a rotational method of administration of the antifungals undermines these organisms’ adaptive survival mechanisms. They simply cannot mutate rapidly enough to keep up with the constantly changing array of antifungals that they’re being exposed to.

Most cases of systemic Candida are also complicated by the presence of other pathogenic organisms in the intestines, liver, gall-bladder and blood (viral, bacterial, micro or macro parasites). Our protocol addresses a broad range of such organisms, thereby increasing the likelihood of a more thorough clearance of such pathogens. As part of our program, we also provide detailed instructions regarding effective liver/ gall-bladder cleansing, whithout which a return to better health is greatly diminished.

Dental Influences
Long term candida patients who have not had satisfactory results with previous candida protocols should seriously consider the careful removal of mercury containing dental fillings that are galvanically active. This work should be done by a qualified practitioner of Biological Dentistry who is trained in the assessment of the electrical properties of potentially troublesome fillings. Practitioners of General Dentistry have not been trained in the use of the correct precautionary measures needed to ensure their mercury sensitive patient’s well-being during and after amalgam removal procedures. Old root canaled teeth may also pose a considerable challenge to the immune system and may predispose the individual to greater risk of developing various chronic degenerative ailments. The possibility for the extraction of old root canaled teeth should be investigated. more information

Article “Causes and Risk Factors for Candida Overgrowth”

Getting Started

Both parts of the protocol may be ordered via this page as well as from several other locations on our web site.
It is not imperative to order the entire fourteen week program in one purchase.
If ordering the protocol in two purchases, we recommend that TMH Kit # 8 be ordered first and that TMH Kit # 14 be ordered about six weeks after starting the protocol.

If using the protocol without the benefit of a telephone consultation, please follow the supplied instructions with extreme care.

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Why a Telephone Consultation May Be Helpful
1. To ascertain your personal requirements and evaluate the possible need for lifestyle or program modification.
2. To clarify possible misconceptions and answer your questions.
3. To provide support and understanding that inspires confidence in the successful outcome of this program.

Telephone Consultations with David Schlesinger, L.Ac.
15 minute or 30 minute appointments may be selected.

15 minutes$40.00
30 minutes$75.00

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Free consults are available, but cannot be pre-scheduled and are conducted on a first come first served basis details

Is Following the Protocol a Demanding Process?
We’ve made the protocol as effective, convenient, affordable and simple as possible.
All remedies are taken with meals, making it easy to stay on track.
We provide a comprehensive, healthy and enjoyable dietary outline but other low carbohydrate Candida diets can be substituted.
To keep you on target, two sets of progress charts are provided, one for home and one for work or travel.
Detailed instructions are provided with all the information you’ll need to follow the protocol, even if you should encounter difficulties.
Anyone using our protocol may call during our free phone consultation hours to have their concerns addressed.
Please be aware that individuals with very serious long-standing cases may need treatment extending beyond the fourteen week period.

For a copy of our Companion Diet for the Candida Clearance Rotation Protocol, click here

What Does It Cost?

TMH Kit # 8 for weeks 1-8$602.90     sale price $540.90

TMH Kit # 14 for weeks 9-14$404.90    sale price $380.90

The cost of the entire fourteen week protocol is $921.80 or $9.41 per day

The Protocol Consists Of

  1. Free, unscheduled, phone consultation (optional). You may call for a free consult details
  2. Set of detailed instructions in PDF format
  3. One TMH Kit # 8 for weeks 1-8
  4. One TMH Kit # 14 for weeks 9-14

The Remedies

All constituents of our protocol have been selected for highest quality and effectiveness.
All are professional grade products, most are not available through retail suppliers.

Primary Remedy 1: Berbercap, Berbercap’s active principle is berberine derived from Berberis aristata (Indian Barberry root) a potent, botanical alkaloid. Berberine exhibits broad spectrum anti-microbial activity inhibiting fungal, yeast and bacterial proliferation. It is an effective anti-candida agent and is also very helpful in the treatment of many fungal and bacterial infections. Aside from its application in the treatment of candida and / or fungal overgrowth, Berbercap can also be utilized as a natural antibiotic for bacterial infections.
Ingredients: Berberine (from Indian Barberry extract (root) Berberis aristata) 200 mg.

Primary Remedy 2: Undecylenic Acid old name SF722, 10-undecenoic acid, non-toxic, Castor bean derived active principle of this supplement, is a gentle yet potent antifungal details

Primary Remedy 3: Paramicrocidin 250, Ultra high potency Grapefruit seed extract, effective, broad-spectrum anti-microbial details

Primary Remedy 4: Y Formula old name Yeast Formula, Extract of Oregano oil, Thyme oil, Peppermint oil, standardized extract of Goldenseal root, a very potent botanical combination for the normilization of intestinal microbial ecology, with strong anti-fungal action details

Support Remedy 1: Molybdenum Glycinate, Trace mineral utilized for breaking down toxins produced by yeast and fungal organisms (mega-dose) details

Support Remedy 2: Quiet Digestion, A traditional formulation composed of top grade Chinese herbs, (sorted for purity) produced in the U.S. for the support of normal healthy digestive functionality. Effectively addresses gastric distress, including abdominal pain, sudden and violent cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, regurgitation, gastric hyperactivity, abdominal distension, poor appetite, intestinal gas, gastroenteritis of both bacterial or viral origin, motion sickness and problems of assimilation. Its use in our protocol is to support normal digestive functionality and to counteract the harsher actions of the primary remedies. details

Support Remedy 3: Bacillus Coagulans (old name L. Sporogenes), An extremely hardy strain of lactic acid bacteria, capable of surviving the human stomach environment (most other strains viability is greatly reduced due to severe pH fluctuations). Bacillus Coagulans does not require refrigeration making it much more convenient for use outside of the home. This strain of pro-biotic bacteria retains its viability when used in conjunction with the antifungal remedies of the rotation protocol. details

Support Remedy 4: D-5000, A high purity source of vitamin D-3 without artificial preservatives, providing 5000 I.U. per capsule. We employ this supplement in the protocol due to its marked ability to substantially improve immune function. details

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