David Schlesinger, L.Ac. has been practicing Traditional Chinese Herbal and Dietary Medicine since 1976. He is a graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and received his California state license in acupuncture and herbal medicine in 1986. He has pursued a broad range of studies in the natural healing field including Naturopathic, Dietary and German Biological Medicine. He specializes in the treatment of gastro-intestinal complaints, candidiasis and candida related illness, multiple chemical sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, neurotransmitter dysregulation, and dietarily generated cognitive dysfunction.

Over the years he has developed a great concern for the impact of environmental toxins, conventional dental procedures and materials and technologically generated electromagnetic fields on health. and offers special understanding to those who suffer from their consequences. Many highly sensitive individuals find useful tools and compassionate help due to his sensibilities in this area of medicine.

Born in New York in 1949, his early childhood was spent in Berlin, Germany where he was introduced to the wonders of Nature Medicine by his grandmother, Anastasia Gross a gifted healer and humanitarian. He is a world traveler primarily concerned with historical and cultural studies. To date, he has lived in Europe and South America for over twenty years.

Effective help is available for but not limited to, the following health concerns:

  • Candida and related problems such as Leaky Gut Syndrome, etc.
  • Cognitive dysfunctions, brain fog, poor concentration, poor memory, depression, anxiety
  • Digestive disorders, complaints of the stomach, intestines and liver
  • Menopausal and peri-menopausal Issues
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Environmental Illness
  • Toxic Heavy Metal accumulation and resultant complaints
  • Chronic inflammatory complaints such as Arthritis and various Auto-Immune diseases

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